Need advice, best "Paypal" for modern living?

John Larkin

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May 25, 2001
Everything seems to get hacked or abused. I divested myself of Paypal years ago. I mostly only sell on ebay and their site works fine for getting paid, only had one issue as a buyer that was resolved with textbook accuracy. If I were to sell outside there, I need a new payment processing method. Any suggestions beyond Venmo (which is Paypal owned)?
Haven't had a problem with PayPal knock on wood.. what should I look out for? To answer your question id think postal money order is safe, + the added benefit of exchanging mundane pleasantries with your local mail clerk, pick up some icy cold beers on the way home, sit in your garage drinking them till you get a good buzz & decide that texting your ex gf is a good idea 🤘
Texting the ex is rarely if ever a good idea, imo. I don't use the payal for anything but purchases if the seller wants that venue. I have sent more than my share of postal money orders. I have to say I like CASH in person. I have met a lot of different enthusiasts that way.
I have to say I like CASH in person.
In most cases a part value is not big enough to create a hostile environment such as a robbery.
What I've seen is big ticket items are much higher risk of being jacked. Have had 2 friends get their Buicks taken that way.
On a personal level, I've had 1 instance of some asshole deciding we were doing business his way..... Didn't work out well for he and his gf when they were "invited" to leave upright, or in a body bag... His choice.
Not much more "convincing" than the muzzle end of my Colt Trooper.
It's sad that one has to do business in a police station in order to feel safe.
As for PP... No issues here. What I do get is fake "account hacking warnings" that I have to open the email and respond within 24hrs or the acct will be locked.
Stay safe, guys!
With the whole 1099 thing, thats really changed the landscape of running a side hustle.
I'm not saying we are sporting a heater, this is Texas. An armed society is a polite society.
No kidding. Sold something on eBay recently. WTH?

Ebay has gotten ridiculous. I sold something on there last year, I dont even remember what it was but there was SOOOO much red tape I had to through to even list something. Ive been an Ebay member since I think 2000 so that didnt sit real well with me.
Venmo is pretty good. Easy to use and fees are low.

Zelle is another one. Just about every banking app uses them as well so that helps. No fees.

The best one I have seen is Applepay. Ease of use, no fees on standard transactions and the money is in your account the following day usually.
Venmo and Zelle are both good, they just don't protect you from scammers, or you type in the wrong email address, or you don't get the item you paid for...I only use PayPal. I've had a couple people that tried to get me to switch, I didn't do business with them