Need aftermarket header bolts or studs!


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Apr 3, 2003
I think the factory is a mix of studs and bolts but I am sure I may be wrong. Got new headers and do not want to go back with old stuff. I know ARP makes a stud kit. has anyone used this ? Any recomendations other then going to parts store and hunting for every bolt?
I have the ARP stud kit. You have to call them up and order longer studs. ARP's kit is meant for plain 'ole headers. I might be able to provide the lengths need but need to know what kind of headers you have.

What kind or headers did you buy?

Billy T.
Ta performance is the way to go. There set is going on my new motor.
I looked at TA catalog online and the only place I saw the header bolts was in the pic with there headers. By the way there catalog is a pain in the butt to look at since you have to scropll thru the whole thing. Be nice if you could jsut go to a certain page int he index!

"GNXTC" ! I bought a set of the TA knockoffs from vendor SAMBALLS on this board so I presume the bolts will be the same!
Order the ARP kit for the Buick V6. I don't recall the length that you need for the drivers side. Measure the length on the tube on the header:

-Where the dipstick goes
-By exhaust port #1. Measure the tube and thickness of the bracket.
-Don't forget to add the penatration into the head and nutwasher thickness
-You will need some extra nuts and washers to stack the brackets/dipstick on top the nuts

Once you have the measurements, call ARP and speak with Cammi. If you are not comfortable totaling the lengths, just tell Cammi your measurements and she'll figure it out.

Billy T.
yes you can use the stock hardware with poston headers. i just like using studs. much cleaner setup and intalling gaskets are made easy.
Well the only ARP stuff I can find is the studs from Summit.

This place here has a lot of cool stuff but for some reasont here site is not working for me they have a lot of kits for our cars.