Need help big time!!!!! weird hesitation problem buick gods help


ok. i have a 87gn with a te44, 009 injectors, red armstrong "stock" 93 octane chip, 255 in the tank, 3" dp, afpr, stock ic, and a mild cam, stock headers. im setting everything up to run mid 11's. im boostin 22psi. i rebuilt the motor last winter so it has a good bottom end and i did a little bit of port work to the heads. i have amild cam in it, nothing crazy, i cant remeber the number on it (does 212 sound right?). it has a brand new built trans also (long story).

ok my problem is when i stop and start a boost launch, i get to about 5 psi, then i let go. the car takes off the all of the sudden it, like misses. kinda like a fuel cut off. so i let off and i go back home. then i turn into my road i have to actually hit the gas ome to keep it alive so i doesnt die on me. i notice when im just crusing along by boost guage read like 15-10 vac. but my digital guage on the dash reads like 5 psi???? weird. i get home then disconnect the battery over night. hopefuult it resets it self.

so im like ok. theres a swap meet today, so i nead there and buy a scantool to see if it runs any codes. i get home hook it up. and it reads no codes. :confused: so i start it up it idles a little high then goes down to normal..then dies. it does this 2 times. :frown:


so i was thinking the tps sensor. i check it with the volt meter and it in spec. like 4.2 volts or whatever it is. i dont have the fuel pressure guage on it cause i took it off to let my buddy who has a typhoon use it for a couple of days.

what should i look for? the scan tool reads no codes the whole time. maybe the fuel pump relay??? any ideas would help

im lost. what could be causeing the stalling and more importanly the hesitation. it falls on it face when it does it. please help
I'm not a god, more like a mid-level diety.

Have you checked the MAF to see if it is ok? I seem to have read a similar symptom before. And do you have the ability to read fuel pressure when accelerating?
no i dont have a "visible" fuel pressure guage while driving. just one on the rail. what can i go to check the maf?