Need help on powerlgger data!!!


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I installed my powerlogger to my car a few days ago.I took the car for a cruise today for about 20 min.Can somebody help me out on the readings? I'm new to all this.One thing is that i've been dong is backing off on the fuel pressure down to 30 lbs, but when i raise it to 40 to 42 lbs the car runs like crap.The person who sold the car gave me a list what was done.I have 60 lbs z injectors with a commander chip.When i go into WOT the boost is up to 17 lbs then knocks and the when i back off on the throttle i hear a flutter noise from the turbo,is this normal for the flutter? Here is the data file for the powerlogger.Sorry i can't upload .it its telling me my file is to big .I double compressed it still to big! Can anyone help on how to reduce the file so somebody can decypher my dat log.
sign up at Full Throttle Tech. you can post pretty big files there.

Post the exact chip number

Make another shorter log and post it.

Post all of the details about the modifications to the car.

keep your foot out of it until the bugs are worked out.

A good running turbo car is a rush to drive.

A bad running turbo car can break expensive parts in short order.