need info on 4.2


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hey, ive finally made up my mind about what the future holds for the WE4. Im planning on ditching the 109 block, and going to a 4200 vortec I-6. Problem is I havent been able to find much tech info for it. Are there any forums or tech websites that have schematics of this thing? cause i just cant seem to find them.
Now before anyone flames, there is some serious justification to this swap, and I feel it will start to be more common in the future. Anyway I decided on this now, but was gonna go with a 406 small block anyhow, so at least its a 6 yet. I see it as the 109 can only take you so far, and a stage motor is way out of the price range. now you can get the displacement advantage, a ungodly superior engine design, low low cost, (like 900-1500 for motor, accessories, computer and harness) and a programmable high speed computer. Also the packaging for a turbo application is better than any v6 or 8.
Anyway, i see supras doing 8-900 hp on a 3.0L, why cant i do it with 4.2? Hell it makes 300hp N/A.
Lets see, buy the motor, plus have a header and down pipe made. Custom motor mounts and all the hook up stuff. Lets say you can make most of this stuff to save money. Then you need to tune it with the stock pcm from the I6 or go aftermarket. Oh ya. That motor has powdered rods and cast pistons and pistons. I don't really see a money saver here.
Go for it!

There is a innliners international website sorry I don't know the adress. If you look on there you will find some links where some guys are making some pretty serious power with those. :)
Why not go for a 3.6L Global V6? It'll lower your engine height and give you a bit more of a convetional layout underhood. Engine management wise I think you'll be stepping into aftermarket territory with either as I don't think either has a computer tuner system with enough parameters available to truely tune it up with the DOHC arrangement of both motors. If I'm not mistaken the 3.6 will bolt up to an F-body 4L60E and they have trans controllers on the newer aftermarket ECMs.

If you do want to go 4.2L I6, try to get in touch with John Cunningham as he has already done this in a 63 Nova Wagon. I know he was also working with an engine builder on it but I can't find the issue of Hot Rod with it in the front blurbs.

Dare to be different. I'm planning on one day putting a turbo Jeep 4.0 I6 in a Ford Falcon 2dr Wagon just for "punk factor". Also would like to put an entire WRX drivetrain and suspension under a 61-62 Buick Special or a Corvair.
well the 4.2 is tall, but it has about 5-6" that can be cut out of the pan where the axle passes through. also, HP Tuners is releasing I-4,I-5, and I-6 versions soon, and since i already have it, so its only 200 bucks for a individual license. Also I have been welding for 6 years, and can make anything that is needed, including header and all plumbing. I figure 350 max for all the hookups and mounts. so thats 1500 total investment, and i can get a 4L60 for a few hundred. so all i really need to buy is a new appropriatly sized turbo, and probably injectors. Also i want the info too see if forged rods and pistons could be adapted successfully into it and also lower compression. I know the head, crank, and block are good to around 1000hp.
Also, would like to just see how far i can go with it. by my calculations 5 psi should be right around 400hp. 10psi is 508hp, and 15 is 615hp. i think the stock motor will do 12-15psi with meth injection, then upgrade if necessary. At any rate im thinking it will be better than the 3.8 in ever area, with more torque as well. And that is my main goal in the first place, but really dont want to do a small block.
Also i havent seen much on the global V6, and I have considered that as well, but not as extensively. I will be sure to look into that further.

Thanks for all the replies, and please share more.