need opinions on upholstery


Apr 3, 2016
i was looking for an "interior" sub forum but couldnt find one.

but i have a rip in my seat that im trying to repair.

as far as i can tell i have either an extreamly rare interior or somebody custom reupholstered it back in the day

heres my problem. i purchased an old 1984 seat cover with a useable patch that i need for my seat cover. when i brought them to the shop the old man pointed out that they were different patterns.

mine was a "square" pattern. the seat cover was a "diamond" pattern.

heres some pics to give you an idea

This is the rip

this is the cover i purchased with a good panel

heres a closeup of the materials

let me hear your thoughts?

The first GN guy i talked to told me they were the all cloth lear sieglers, which was a $600 option in 1984 and only about 200 gns had the all cloth lears. the second gn guy told me that they were certainly lear sieglers but that he had never seen any variation of the 84 seats. the buick judge who judged my car at a show said he had certainly seen my style of interior before but it had been so long since hed seen an 84 he couldnt recall if the cloth inserts were a factory option or a custom shops replacement.

are my seats factory? the rest of the interior matches, the door panels and the back seats. the materials are extreamly close looking. both materials are sparkly in the clean spots.

should i just go ahead and have the diamond pattern material sewn into my old seat cover?

should i tear apart my rear seats to get a piece to fix my cover and then have the rears upholdstered differently?

Should i just leave the tear?

should i have a patch sewn on the inside to keep the tear from becoming bigger?
Have you tried ? They have both front and rear seat upholstery for gn's,T-Types, etc. at a fair price. $637.00 for the set.
i have called them and ive talked to their supplier parts unlimited inc. highway stars doesnt mess with 1984 anymore and pui is checking on the materials pattern. i have seen 1984 reupholstery kits before but i dont want to redo my entire interior. my door panels also have the "square" pattern plus i havent seen all cloth 84 interior ktis only cloth/leather
I have panels from LS seats I have repaired and recovered. I sold an upper front seat back to a member recently and it worked. Just would need to sew it in. PM if interested
you already sold me my spare seat cover toby. its just the material is a little different and i was seeing if there were any opinions on using it even though it didnt quite match
You need to have those professionally repaired weather you get seat covers or just a repair. The foam is torn too, going to need to be rebuilt. I would re upholster them in leather, forget the originality. Chances of finding the original material anywhere is slim to none, just close copies