need suggestions for external fuel pump..


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May 24, 2001
im going to be putting my i/c motor in my other car which is fuel celled and wondering what external pump to go with..
im not needing noting too exotic but would like to be safe at 700 hp for later upgrades.

would like it to keep up with 75# injectors at 30# boost

so pump will need to flow enough fuel at 75# fuel pressure.
Red, take a look at a Walbro GSL 392. flow specs on turbo regal web site, about the same as a Walbro 340. I just just got mine from Racetronix for $129 good looking unit. TAZ
Hi RED, if the Walbro isn't enough then you could step up to the Aeromotive, but you're gonna have to pay about $290 from Jegs or Summit. That one will support 1000 HP. TAZ
i dont think i'll hit a 1000 hp but who knows...:D

i figured there was some that some were using on here but thats cool i'll checkout summit..dont care for jegs too much..they send me hats and summit sent me a jacket..:eek:

i'v run plenty of electric pumps but they have all been low pressure so im in a different ballpark now guess i'll grap my summit and check it out..thanks
yea thanks for the link ...i'll most likely go with their stuff..

i want enough fuel i dont have to worry about it if i wanna upgrade then i'll know i've got enough to support it.
Hi Red,
I was in the same situation as you with my fuel system a few months ago.. I finally made up my mind on a External bosch 370 that will support enough fuel for 900 ponys:D Give Tony Dequick a call, and Im sure he will be more than happy to work with you.. The pump was around $350.00..

P.S. Why not step up to a LT 70 turbo?;)
Originally posted by NoNos38

P.S. Why not step up to a LT 70 turbo?;)

i was re reading this thread and thought i was funny you mentioned the 70...since thats what i did get...great turbo

i will be buying a pump next week so if you got anymore for me to check out let me know