Need Tip's on Tuning!


Nov 5, 2006
I failed emission's badly! I just wanted to know what should I exactly be looking for when tuning? Should the boost be turned down as well as the fuel pressure when doing emission's? Also, I have never set my IAC I hope I can dial it in with everything set as it 's suppose to be. I thought I had it dialed in and the results were shocking. these car are way more technical than I estimated and will be needing a helping hand and advice. I will be tuning with a Snap-on 2500 and the GEN 2 Translator, which I monitor the sensors also.

HC 4.0901 limit 3.0000 and CO 54.5688 limit 20.0000 Fail, Fail,

FP @ 43
TPS @ 44, Gen 2 say's 42, Snap-On say's 44
BLM's like 121-125 at idle, only way I know to get them right is lower the FP.
BLM's are right at 128 during driving, under acceleration they drop lower and fluctuate.
O2 sensor is in range.
HZ in @ 37
HZ out @ 2350
SPRK @ 15
AFL in @ 3-5
Are those idle numbers? Was your chip set for open loop idle? What is HZ (something to do with the translator maf function; if so, ignore it)? The blm's are more than close enough but I think you are way rich most likely from an open loop idle. If not, we need more details.
Got a good cat converter?? Also, you might want to find somebody that can burn you a good smog chip based on the stock profile, but setup for your injectors. The reason I say that is because the Extenders have the EGR disabled (need the extra space for programming features), so without EGR you're going to run a little dirtier.

I always had good luck in Kalifornia getting smogged by just re burning a stock profile setup for my 50# injectors. You don't need anyghing fancy just for smogging.