New awd syclone record


Jul 6, 2005
This saturday at a test n´tune mrSyclone took his famouse street syclone to new hights 5 runs with 4passes down in 8 sec level, the third was a new record at 8.83 sec backed up by the last run that lowered the record even furter..... a 8.76/161mph.

this is a 3700 lbs awd syclone with a V6 and single turbo and E85 fuel.

Film is soon to be uploaded
nice too see someone here in the states run like that

Were lokated i Sweden :D to this date the fastest Sy i US was Doc Hoovers I think he got a 9.04 ET?

There is one in Colorado who claims go fast with his sy and turbo with N2O up in bandimere because the high altitude conversion tabell.

But I dont realy get that, when the turbo loads the desired boost and U will pump extra oxide/air with N2O Ure compensate for the low airpressure at high altitude, OR am I wrong?