Adventure in Germany Speed days! Part3


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Feb 1, 2004

On the race I had grip-problems
60 foot round 1,7

1/8 133 mph

1/4 9,06/162mph record speed for me!

Film: 162 mph.

YouTube - 2010 speed days (2)

The engine was running like a clock! BUT with a big B there always have to be something wrong! The same this time :( It took about 15 sec. to get up the boost. Ofcourse they send me a wrong converter with the wrong stall. You can´t win a race with that boosttime, so I was smoked anyway As if that wasn´t enough the car just died after 5 testruns. My thought was: Here we go agian. I was totally exhausted after this day! It was sunny the whole day and 90F and people everywhere. I mad a fast check, to locate the problem: I took the decision to pack and go home, and fix it at home instead. At home I found out that one of the cables had melted due to wrong stall, so it was too hot under the hood. It´s fixed now, and running. I´m very happy that my Syclone is running so strong, imagine 162 mph with AWD truck fuel E85 singleturbo, 3700 LB. It really is gonna be intresting to see how fast this truck is gonna go on a real glued track! Time will tell. That was my little story!

Regards Robert

Mvh Syclone Robban
Thanks for sharing, your truck is awesome...:biggrin:
Wow that really looked like a cool trip!! Yes its going to run real strong once you get it sorted out and get on a real drag strip with grip!! Thanks for the ride. Mike:cool:
There are a lot of reasons I liked being in Germany before I was just out side of Frankfort am:D Good Beer and lots of pretty women.