New best 1/8th times


Feb 10, 2005
A little better. Maybe if it ever gets any cooler we can get some better times. This run was at 24.2 psi.

60' 1.4950
330 4.33
1/8 6.713
mph 104.57
New Best

This is for you Jicaju, Wheels Up!!:cool: :cool: :cool:

Congrats on the new times! You still running the stock 9 bolt with the trans"break"?
Great picture. Congrats!

That is one clean car on the top and the bling on the tranny pan! Combo?

9 inch ford out back. Car weighs 3755 with me in it, don't think the stocker could have took it very long.
You the man...

Love when a track HOOKS ;)

My math.. thats a 10.5 at 130 ish in the 1/4
Nice picture Clint! Nice launch Michael. Car is very very clean top and bottom.:cool:

Mike Banas