NEW BEST - 88ZNX - Turbo LC2 in '88 IROC-Z


Mechanical Engineer
May 2, 2002
After (literally) years of attending events, fighting gremlins, many changed head gaskets, lots of work...... Alan Cheney - 88ZNX finally layed down a number we are all proud of.......9.44 @ nearly 147 mph at Reynolds. We had not previously been in the 9's but knew we had "enough" parts to go 9's if we could just pull it off. First pass off the trailer... he launched easy due to a poor burnout... didn't leave on the tranny brake.... with a 2.1 60' time...... went out the back door at a 11.0 @ 142 and change. Disgusted, he came back into the had a miss. We had no datalog from that pass.... we ended up changing both head gaskets that afternoon and buttoned it up Saturday morning..... (Thanks Leo Thompson, Bob, STP (Scott), Joey Couch, and probably a few otheres who provided moral support). New gaskets and plugs in place...... Alan lined up.... got excited at the line.... and left real easy again....:mad: went like a 10.50 @ 144 or so. We got a datalog that time. I tweaked the XFI a little and we cut the boost up a little.... then lined up with Jason White (who was determined to try and get that elusive 8 sec pass) for a fun run (he had already won TSM by this point). They lined up..... Jason was setup for a pro-tree.... but the sportsman tree came down... so Jason left way early.... Alan waited.... but still left before the green because his boost (and RPM) was skyrocketing... LOL..... he launched at 21 psi :eek:....... I figure it had to have spun some..... pulled both front tires.....managed a much better 1.45 or so 60' time..... and made his best ever pass to date..... 9.44 @ nearly 147 mph. He is so stoked!

This would not have been possible without support from the guys at the event (Alan, Joey, Scott, Leo, and Bob) and the guys that helped back home to get the car ready.... Andre, Joey, and Jason Cheney....

Congrats Alan... you truly deserve it!
About time j/k Hopefully his gremlins are behind him. Congratulations
Thanks to Otto for his help last year at Reynolds..... and some occasional telephone support....wish you lived down south!

Thanks Cal for the occasional phone support as well.... I know you guys live, eat, and breathe these cars.
Way to go Alan. You deserve this after working so hard for so long.

Ron..... he is really on cloud 9!!! He is on vacation for the next couple weeks now.....and will be back in Phoenix soon pushing dents....

I hope you get your car figured out..... you have worked so hard.....

Got to see it first HGAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrat's and good LUCK!!!!!!!!


Got to see it first HGAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrat's and good LUCK!!!!!!!!


Wow I've got to learn to spell!!!!


Alan if you talk to Brain can you ask him to call ,love to see the Vid's he took!!!!

941 416 7509

thanks JD
Way to go! 'Bout time that Z hit a big number! See y'all on the 20th at Hub?
Congrats to you guys...You surely had to work for it. Tell Alan I stand by my 150mph comment. If he loses the louvers it's worth at least 3mph....Buahahahah
Thanks guys. Here is the link.

YouTube - Alan's turbo IROC - 9.44 pass 146.7 @ Reynolds, GA 11/6/2010

Its only been 6 years when I put the V6 in this car. We new we had most the parts to pull this off. But we were banging our head against the wall as to why it wouldnt do it. Well we had some recent revelation that we applied to the car and you see the results. Ten mph and one second faster than the same race last year.:biggrin:
I want to also thank Brian and Andre for geting this FAST program mapped out. Thay have been tuning on the back streets for a few months getting closer and closer. And if i could just remeber to log the run that would help too.:rolleyes:
Good Job guys. Things certainly didnt look good on the return road on Fri. Its awesome to overcome serious issues and come out on top. Congrats!