New best times


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May 25, 2001
Got my car back out to the track this last weekend. The car has the TM v2 IC kit with a TA-54, ATR headers, Stock Heads, 9" converter, etc, etc NO Posi... :p

Took the car off the trailer

Street Trim Run 15psi
2.0 60', 8.2@86.6 1/8th, 12.7@108 1/4

Put in the 114 octane gas and a race chip and upped the boost to 21. Had some problems on the top end car bounced off the rev limiter, boost was erratic.
2.2 60', 8.2&92.0 1/8th, 12.4@113.6 1/4

Changed Chips to another race chip
1.9 60', 7.8@92.7 1/8th, 12.117@115.38

Boost up to 23
2.0 60', 7.9@93.73 1/8th, 12.18@117.21
2.0 60', 7.9@94.10 1/8th, 12.12@117.30
2.0 60', 8.0@93.90 1/8th, 12.23@116.94

My 60' killed my ET's. I need to put a posi in the car. It makes TONS of power :) Everyone that day was running about .3/3mph off their normal.

i'm happy with my times. This winter the ported heads, DFI, a posi and a new turbo and IC are going on the car....
Why are you sealing your turbo after such a good run like that . If i had the money i'd buy it , but i just got the ta33 little time ago.

Thats a fast a-- car., good luck
I'm selling the turbo because i'm going to a Q-trim Ball Bearing 70 turbo in a TE-housing.....

should REALLY FLY then (when I get the ported heads on it too)
Good job Chris. Very good MPH, 11's will be easy with a posi installed. I just got a new posi from Jack Cotton while at Bristol, he had it on sale for 299.00. You may check with him as he may still have the sale on. I hope Dave will be finished with my motor real soon so we can see how she runs. Good luck.

Zack' Willett
Very nice times, I expect to be 3-4 tenths slower than you, I still have no posi and the car will spin into 3rd easily. But if I could hit 12s w/o one who knows?