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Mar 16, 2005
Well today I officially became a TR owner!!! Its an 1987 WE4 with T-tops. I love it, and I am already addicted to boost after only owning this car for 9 I will def be coming here more often for help.

Mods include:
NEW TA49, 340 Walbro, K&N Cone filter, adj fuel pressure reg.,blue stripe injectors(??? how many pounds???), modified intercooler, shift kit, weld wheels, probably a chip( also came with 2 other chips), Boost, water temp,oil pressure guages.

Going to probably do some spring cleaning and clean her up good over the next few weeks...Thinking of personalized plates too! To bad the weather has just started to get really crummy. Can't wait till spring.
congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: i felt the same way when i got my 87 gn almost 2 yrs ago. im not for sure, but i think blue stripes are #36 lb-ers. youll fine tons of info on this site as well as and
good luck with your new toy, have fun with it, and be safe.

The injectors might be blueTOPS if they are BLUE on the TOP :wink: and they are 36#s good for 11s.

My dad has a hardtop WE4 and he really likes it too, they are sweeeeet cars!

Spend some extra time reading up on these cars and how easy they are to blow up with the incorrect gas. Make sure the chip you have in your car is cut for pump gas and not racegas and you have enough octane to support the chip.

Enjoy the car, they are a blast...
brace for action

Had a buddy lose a t-top on takeoff from body flex. Get all the recommended body/chassis braces installed before looking for the 11's. Good info from these guys here. If you're thinking about it, someone here has done it. Good luck and ...WELCOME!
Welcome Pilgrum!!

congradulations on the new purchase, sorry, Buick should have installed a "warning" sign about the "addiction"!!!!!! :eek: ( I beleive every board member suffers from it!) That's why we make our daily pilgrumage to these boards to help support each others habit! :biggrin:
Be sure to familiarize yourself w/your new vehicle and learn as much as you can by reading all the tech info on the different boards. It's very easy to let your new "addiction" get the better of you,( not to mention a headgasket :eek: ) There are also a lot of good recipes from mild to wild you can choose from, to feed your new found "addiction"! :D
Again Welcome and enjoy! :cool:
I purchased a WE4 hard top back in May, unfortunately it wasn't ready to to hit the street so I have been slowly bringing her back.

I tagged in to suggest as a source of information if you haven't already it. If you are looking for help although we all probably have our preferences, Jack Cotton of Cotton's performance has been a tremendous help.
Boost is addicting :)
almost addicting as a big block ;)

Welcome aboard
I bought my first almost 2 years ago and the new hasn't worn off yet. The people on this board and the other board are an invaluable resource when it comes to problem solving and modifying questions. Just remember boost is addicting. I'm working up an alky kit so I can go C6 hunting :biggrin:

Have fun and enjoy.
New GN

I'm like Bob every time I look at my GN I tingle and think about all the fun I have had in it, the people I've met here on the board and the sheer delight in knowing that I can dust 99% of the cars that pull up next to me at a light. You have to take care of them and if there is a problem with your car you can get expert advice on this board or someone here will know who to send you to.

These are amazing cars with tons of potential and hours of fun flying down the road (within the speed limit of course!!!! :)

Take care of the car it will be worth a lot of money in a few years and by all means read gnttype!!

welcome aboard! 9hrs? lol It didn't take me that long to be hooked hahaha. The first time I drove my car, I was driving,the owner was in the passenger seat and a friend of mine was in the back seat. I got on it at about 20 or so and when the boost hit it just blew the tires off. SOLD!! I couldn't wait to get it back home! Enjoy it but be careful especialy in the rain as these cars will get squirly with you when the boost hits and wet roads don't help!! Daniel Ray :biggrin:
Well this isnt the first time I drove one. I drove one for the first time a few years back but I didnt have the funds to buy it. I was def. fond of the boost then and my intrest have only grew since then. My WE4 is the first TR I have ever owned. And yes boost is VERY addicting. Can't wait to be able to drive it when the weather gets better here in Jersey.

Looking at getting Grundy Ins since it is my second car and I do I have a gargage to store it in...I just have to wait until next month when I turn 25. They wont insure anyone under 24. No problem, I will wait a month to insure it as an agreed value of 15k for $240 a year....Sweet! :cool:
Welcome! Glad to hear we have another TR owner aboard! Use the board to your advantage, this is one of the best boards I have ever been on as far as the people, the site, and the cars of course :biggrin:
Turbo trance!

Welcome :biggrin:

Every now I think about these cars and then I just fall into TURBO TRANCE. Then I grab the keys and go fo a drive. Unfortunately winters keep me off the street and the salt for a few months..... 'tho I might sneek out on a cold dry day.

Anyway there are lots of resources - books, websites, people, videos, old magazines and the Turbo vendors that support that turbo sound and these great boards. Maybe the above are few suggestions for gifts. If you need it, get a little heat in the garage and get ready for spring! Enjoy!

Hey Mike,
I was going to call you today but I was so busy at work. Yeah man its mine. The car has some history which I found out today from Brian Weaver @ on here)...he was the second owner of this car and knows a great deal about it. I'll tell you all about it when I see you next.

Thanks again Mike for checking ot out fo me. I have o wait until Jan 12 to insure b/c Grundy won't insure a 24 yr old...1 month to go. Can't wait!