New Car Club in Northern Calif


Feb 27, 2002
Hello All,

I have started a new club called River City Spoolers. The club is based in Sacramento Calif. The club is open to Any GM made car or truck with a turbo or supercharger, factory or aftermarket. Any years too.

Anyone wanting to become a member should live close enough that they Could attend the monthly meeting and come to Some of our events. That could be 1-100 miles or more, depending how how far your willing to drive.

The club is in the formation stages at this time and we do have some members off of this board.

For more info call Ron Pike at 916-502-4831 or email me at


I hope you will include vehicles powered by GM drivetrains..... will make track outings that much more interesting. Not really into the meetings.... more into racin'.

low weight.... nice power.... awesome ets/mph. hybrids..... hmmmmm.....