WE4 (Bruce Toelle) my husband, in car accident....


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Mar 16, 2002
If you are looking for and/or have been dealing with Bruce, Thought I might fill you in. He will be a little behind for a bit. We spent Saturday night in the Kaiser Permenente Trauma Center after some guy crashed directly into the back of Bruce's Dually.So needless to say , Brucie got another ambulance ride to the Trauma center with mostly a very badly bruised body, possible shoulder issues, back & neck pain and extremely mad, so I can see where he is going to be a "joy" to be around for the next little bit. I am sure within the next 24-48 hrs he'll start whining he hurts here or there and then we will really know where else he hit. He was wearing his seat belt, so the seat belt bruise lines have started. It happened so fast and time will show the bruising, it always does. The thing that really screwed him was the fact that he was leaning on the window and not sitting in the seat, like against the back , so when hit from behind he hit the Quad door a pillar beam with back of head and left shoulder.
He is home today, no permenent injuries other than Bruce now believes he is cursed,:rolleyes:
Saturday afternoon he was going into town to get some ingrediants for dinner, sitting at a red light, stopped in the Duramax, and some guy from behind hit brakes for not 20 ft then plowed directly into the back of the truck. Police said impact was 63 mph. Bruce never knew what hit him. The Trailer hitch reciever square thingy took the nose of the car that hit him COMPLETLY off and it was stuck to the back of the truck when the car was pushed back. There was a cell phone on the guys passenger floor that was still connected at the time of the accident cause an onlooker went over and the call was still live. Hrmmmm.,.. Guy was cited for 5 violations , no DUI tho, But the guy confessed to drinking a "few" energy drinks, and violations ranging from excessive speed to no license, to excessive speed causing accident and bodily harm. The other driver was cited a 2 point 100% fault for the accident. One good thing tho, the officer on site said that it was the guys father's car and they have "very good" insurance coverage from what they could tell from the paperwork provided and the inquiry at time. So 1 less thing to worry about.
If you try to contact , fine but if no response please leave message and phone number as they have him sleeping a bit so he won't work , cause they know him and they know if they don't knock him out , he WILL try to work!

You guys know how to get ahold of him
916-739-0510 or some have his cell or email at PTSXTREME@AOL.COM
Mrs WE4
Cindy Toelle
Thanks to all that called or emailed
Poor Bruce! How much more can his body take:frown: My prayers will be with you all! I know you got your hands full, God Bless you all!

I will give him a call in a few days!
Hate to hear this BUT good thing he was in a dually instead of a smaller car. Could have been much worse. Glad to hear he is ok even if he is bruised and beaten. :wink:
Very sorry to hear this Cindy, :frown:

Tell Bruce we will sure be thinking about him.

Sorry yo hear this. Bruce rest up my friend. You have usre tanken a lot over the last few years. Get well soon buddy