New Combo / Old Chip

Is it ok to just start my new engine with the stock computer? It has an extender chip for a 231 with p&p irons, 210/210 6265 and 80# inj. The new engine is stroked, 9.5:1, p&p GN1's, 224/224, 6766 and 80# inj (for now). I'm leary about currently investing in an ECU GN for an engine not even fired, yet???
We fire lots of new engines with the ecuGN, like any new setup you want to check sensors and such to make sure the data makes sense, then fire away.

But, to answer your question, presuming the MAF and translator are set correctly, you can certainly fire the new engine on the old chip. The only thing that really matters there is that the chip is right for the injectors.

I have almost the same combo wit slightly smaller cam, I have that ecu Gn can’t wait to get it going seems to be a good system

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