New comp cam double roller timing chain concern..


The Street killer V6
Aug 20, 2005
installed a new double roller timing chain,and a cotton 206/206 cam with new button ect.. well apparently we installed the plastic tensioner,without knowing it can cause problems with a double roller.. now i am concern.. the motor was pulled and new head gaskets, new cam ect,and oil pump were replaced before anything,but we installed the factory plastic tensioner back on.. should i be that worried? thanks
Yes. The double roller chain will eat the tensioner and the shredded plastic will plug the oil pickup.
I have seen them destroy the tensioner, but I also have taken one apart that still had it intact. I would get it off there asap. If its broke you're going to have to pull the pan also. You don't want it on there with a double roller.

Be very worried. That scenario cost me an engine. The double roller acts as a cheese grater on the tensioner. The debris wound up in my oil pickup screen, and the engine blew apart at the end of a quarter mile run...broken cam, busted block, bent valve, broken conn rods, lifters laying in oil pan...the only thing left that was any good was one cylinder head. You don't want to go there.

Take it apart and simply remove the tensioner and spring. Then you're good to go.
Well update, We pulled the timing cover of this morning, and the tensioner was still intact.. but there was signs that the timing chain was scraping the plastic black piece of the tensioner. First signs that any double roller timing chains will not go with a timing chain tensioner ( a NO NO).. i must admit im learning alot with these 86/87 turbo buick motors.. thanks guys for all the help