"NEW" GNS Custom GNX Dash's Available!

can anybody that owns these post more installed pictures when you get them?

I think there is more people posting on FB lately but here are a few..

Here is Richard Townsend's "RT" dash installed...
Townsend dash.jpg

Here is Richard Reel's "RT" Dash installed, he even added a few Alky LED's to his...
Reel dash w-alky leds.jpg
Working on getting getting some night pic's... Like I have mentioned before, the possibilities are pretty much endless on color combinations that we can do... You want white faced gauges that glow blue, red, green, yellow at night we can do it !

Here are some from the design phase for another customer...

White face to replicate the Phantom gauges- What it looks like in the Daytime


Same White faced gauge but at night
Our new "Phantom" dash is now available.... This is the Classier version to the other phantom gauges... at the Same price!

I am in the middle of installing one of those right now in my 86 gn. The digital dash had weird issues anyways and these really are as nice as they look.
Can you please post some pictures of your dash installed so others can see? Also we would love to hear some feedback on how everything went with your order from receiving it how it was packaged to how the install went..
I will. I haven't taken as many photos during the install as I should have but it is still not complete (I am slow...) so I will take some. And certainly once the install is complete.

The order process was quick and painless. Thank you for that.

Packaging was very good and the cluster was well protected.

Like I said, install is not complete but so far it has been relatively simple. I will add more when done.

Thanks for the info. Is there sufficient space to fit a 4" tach and speedo (while maintaining the other five 2 1/16 gauges)?
Honestly, hat's off on this product....two thumbs up...would like to purchase in the near future...thank you for developing this product!!
Scot, if I am running stock anolog dash, do I need anything other than your dash? I'm running stock lockup converter.
Scot, if I am running stock anolog dash, do I need anything other than your dash? I'm running stock lockup converter.
Nope. If you have either the stock Analog or Digital dash you need the small VSS pick up out of the back of your stock dash where your speedometer cable went and the VSS wires went to. Many have just sent in their dash plus $30 to me and I removed it and made my modifications and then I send it back. Then all you do is hook that all back up and stuff it behind your dash and you are good to go.

For XFI owners: Very Simple!.... We send along a Pulse generator to hook up and instructions on calibrating the XFI and your done.