New Grand National

Think GM will actually build it?

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Double you eee what?
Apr 7, 2010
I followed a link from Kirban's Inner Circle newsletter and then found the pic below. Supposed to be on the Cadillac ATS chassis. Supposedly a twin turbo 3.6L V6 in the works, T-types in any color and Grand Nationals in black only. Even a GNX but with a V8? I suppose they have hp targets of 500+ so a V8 makes sense for a warranty etc. I'm excited; glad I work at a Buick dealer too!

Looks damn nice. Probly wouldnt be able to afford it though. Do you think GM will let buick become a performance division?
I think they should find another name. I might be able to be persuaded,but I'd rather see a legendary name be left alone.

Yeah,the Camaro,the Mustang,the Challenger,Charger have all been brought from the dead. Fine. Just no plastic,new-fangled version of Buicks legend,please.
Well if not bankrupt for sure divorced, either way I will have a new GN next to my 87. I think this car will be a big hit just like the Camaro GM is on a good streak with performance.
Two thunbs up for the designers, I love it!
BUT it better have some Muscle to outdo the other brands!!

The v8 gnx thing is complete speculation. I can't see them doing that. Doesn't make sense.
The v8 gnx thing is complete speculation. I can't see them doing that. Doesn't make sense.

It does actually. It gives Buick a halo car for marketing and show rooms which they were supposed to get when Chevy introduced the Camaro. Based off the same platform but longer wheel base.

I hate the use of the GN name, but would like to see the car do well. All depends on where GM prices it.
Hopefully they have heard the customers saying the new regal and the GS are WAY overpriced. My buddy is the sales manager at a Buick dealership and when I was interested in looking at one he was the first to tell me that they really screwed the pooch when they priced it. I did drive the turbo regal and was not impressed at all.
That car will be Bad-Arse!!! They should open/square up the Fender Louvers more. Make them more GNX'ish
The v8 gnx thing is complete speculation. I can't see them doing that. Doesn't make sense.

I don't think they would do the either.. They really don't want any more competition from one of their own cars. Thats why they have the Vette and Camaro.
i replied on th site when I first saw the 4 door edition. I didn't see athe 2 door version above. I like that a lot and my only comment was for GM to make to make the car with more power than your average Mustang, Camaro, Challenger etc... If it doesn't come out the door with the potential to squash every current car on the market what's the point. I will take a lightweight version with cloth interior please. If I had to take a stab @ price, I would guess in the $33k range.
In light of us all being Gn crazed nuts I vote we sticky a thread dedicated to teh new regal info...There are like 8 threads floating around in each section haha
Hmmmm, my last new car was an 87 Grand National and was an expensive Regal at the time. Maybe it's time for another if it will beat down everything else like the original did, otherwise ...
Hell, back then I paid $14,900 for my loaded astro roof 86 GN with my GM discount !!:p Sam
I will take 2 GN's and opt for 1 white TType ( with black or white wheels, the look like 20's).