New guy from irvine


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Jan 20, 2017
just wanted to say hi to everyone. joined the group looking for a certain t in so cal we had a race setup never happened would love to make it happen (at the track obviously)
it was this t, "9 sect" where its plates, i dunno if it changed owners or not but I sure would love to try it out whoever owns it. Didnt look like a 9 second gn that night... lol well maybe at that track "1/8 mile... lol"

If it's the car I think it is, there is a LOT of controversy surrounding it.

Your video is REALLY shitty, but it seems to be the right "Sage" color, if it's the one I'm thinking of........

I think it's changed hands at least once.

Whatchu got that's a real street car, cowboy?

Just wondering.........:D
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Take it to the lounge or keep it in the southwest section. Doesn't belong here.

But welcome aboard.

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Where in so cal ? I'm in palmdale hmu if u ever need any help or advice.