New header gasket

Right from the web site :

Remflex Performance Promise

• Seals Warped Flanges:

Remflex exhaust gaskets come in a standard 1/8-inch thickness and are designed to crush 50%. This allows them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16-inch!

• Won’t Burn Out:

100% flexible graphite construction means Remflex gaskets are good for up to 3,000 degrees F—far exceeding that of any vehicle’s exhaust system temperature!

• No Re-Torquing Necessary:

Remflex exhaust gaskets rebound 30%, creating an optimum seal that eliminates the need to re-torque!

My laptop is broke at the moment, ill post some asap.
Someone else posted about these many months ago but there has been no feedback since then. Please let us know how durable they turn out to be for you.
These gaskets have been around for a while, I talked with the guys at SEMA a couple years ago.

Based on the samples I had, they should work very good.
Ordered two sets today. $30.00 per set. Talked to one of the owners. Seemed like a nice guy. He said that they squish down from 1/8" to about 1/16", and work fine even if the flanges arnt perfectly flat. You DON'T need to over tighten them. 20 ft lbs is plenty. It's best to torque them as you'd torque a head gasket.

Hopefully this will be the end of burned through Felpros.
Q: Where did you buy yours @??

Yes, from the web site above. I called the number (866-641-7325).
I hate to bring back old threads, but I stumbled across this and noticed no one has put up their experience!

These are the ONLY gaskets that I have gotten to work. I drove my we4 for 1.5 years with exhaust leaks and after trying the common gaskets, trying no gaskets and filing the header flange, I gave up!

I then learned about these gaskets, saw them on their site, and bought some from a local vender (he had to get them shipped).

They are very thick and pure layered graphite. To say that they crush and conform to the header is an UNDERSATEMENT! These things freakin' work so well I have taken to being a living advertisement for them! I even have them in my signiture!

One note: I think 20ft-lb is too much, I did that (or maybe 30, don't remember) and they overcrushed which caused the layers to seperate and squeeze out. I called the manufacturer ( and they said to try a bit less torque. Get this! He sent me out a new set free!!

CLIFFNOTES: Get them, hand torque them until they look compressed a bit. Reassemble and enjoy your extremely quiet little turbo monster!
Am I the only one who has good luck with felpro 1400's? Just pulled the headers off and plain to put new ones back on.