new headers now high o2's at idle


Brian Roman
Nov 26, 2003
just installed a set of ta performance stock replacement headers and all can say is WOW!! sound and look awesome. the fit was right on spec. spool up is greatly noticable! the only problem i have is now my car is idleing at 840 to 860 o2's my blm's are at 132. my fuel pressure is 42 line off. cant really change anything without sacrificing wot fuel. can my ait filter need cleaned and or changed or my maf changed to ls1 or also this one cleaned my a/f is 13.8 at idle
The A/F on the wideband at idle is 13.8, which is good, so don't pay any attention to narrowband O2's at idle.
If the maf is reading 4-7 on the scan tool I think the maf would be fine.
Just a thought but unplug the ECM power wire and let the ECM relearn.