New LS Powered GN Build Thread

New headers coming together in 304 stainless. Driver's side is almost done, passenger side is way easier.




You can't tell in the pics, but that back primary on the driver's side takes a few small turns in order to clear the steering shaft. Pat did a great job on it.
Boostd, you said that you used a truck pan and it fit well? Can you pm me some figment pics? I don't want to jack the thread.
Go ahead and post pics, don't worry about the highjack. This is intended to be an informative thread, not a brag thread.

I think the LS engine is a great way to easily take these cars to today's performance levels. I'm sure there are lots of us that love the cars, but need a bit more street performance than a stockish V6 can provide.
Thanks LS, and well said. Here is a quote directly from an e-mail between my brother and myself. "I figure if I'm going to do this with my car I might as well make the car exactly what I want. I feel that the point of a GN was to be a sleeper/ street dominater with class, which it will still be. I'm just doing the updates that GM didn't have the technology to do 26 years ago." ;)

We are in the middle of a N/A 6.0 Cammed LS swap in my middle brothers 88' MCSS at the moment and I will be soon to follow with a Turbo 5.3/4L80E. I plan to use my existing Megasquirt 3 and build a Megashift to CAN bus with it. We have done a couple LS swaps before one of which is a turbo 6.0 in my brothers C10, they are soooo easy to make power with as we all know and being that my car is 100% street driven and road tripped a lot I want a more reliable power plant that doesn't piss all over my garage floor...:mad: Plus we have a plethora of LS parts (A lot of truck stuff) at the shop I can pick and choose from, as well as a lots of fab tools so I can make any mounts and such i need to fit my needs.

I am keeping a close eye on your project, keep up the nice work!

I have attached a picture of how I plan to route my exhaust, it's a picture of the setup we built for our 6.0 using LS2 GTO manifolds that we put V-band flanges on. This was very easy to make and once they were coated look great!



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yup please post pics....also can onyone post a link to John B motor mounts...I have his link from his Montee installs but didnt know he was selling the mounts..
If I wind up doing a mile racing car this is the route Im going... Sick work! I really dig the engine placement. My plan is to only run junkyard engines, so if they self destruct I'll just yank em and swap em. I wanted to do a TTlsx drag boat pretty bad this summer, but the more I think about it the more I want a faaaaaaast car. 200mph buick anyone?? haha.

The current LsX junkyard MPH record is 164mph (8.59). 5.3 in a very light 1st generation Rx7... Think of what that thing or a high reving 4.8 would do with 3/4 miles more!

Keep it up man, that thing is siiiick!
Here are the pics of the motor mounts, I'll drop the motor in tonight and take some more pics with motor in and truck pan, am not running the truck pan cuz it hang too low, am running the GM swap pan Resampled_2011-10-26_21-08-47_292[1].jpgResampled_2011-10-26_21-09-44_222[1].jpg
Awesome, I will be using the same motor mount style as you. On the engine side I want to make a flat plate with a tube welded to it with a poly insert so its not solid mounted. Also im interested in seeing what type of hang down you have (F*&^ That sounded gay). If its not all to much i could always build a deflector plate ahead of it in the case that I encounter an unwanted bump or road debris. What type of room do you have between the engine and the Firewall?

Thanks, Dan
About 1-1/2 inch, I still use the stock F-body mounts on this set up. if you not turbo your car then you can use Pacesetter hedders for about $250 , and they fit with a little bit of mod on the passenger side, some people have luck without any mod at all. Hope that help.
The car will definately be turbocharged. I plan to use a stock Truck manifold (If it clears) with V-Band flange instead of the bulky 3-Bolt stock flange. I will TIG a custom Passenger side manifold that will run directly to a front mounted turbo.