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Oct 1, 2007
First off would like to thank turbobuick for this board! I"m currently a member on v8buick because i have 2 stage ones and one stage 2 GS's.Hopefully none of you will hold that against me. I recently bought an 85 t-top gn to help a buddy out with money probs. I have always loved these cars and hoped someday I"d own one.With that being said my goal is to make this car kick some butt! while keeping it a ha car. I"m totally ignorant to this breed of buick so any help I could get would be great!I have heard of a razor kit but thats about it. any input on a build and perf upgrades for these cars would be awesome. I"m sure there"s been other posts to this subject but like I said I"m new here. Thanks in advance Kirk.
Hi Kirk, Welcome to Hotair ownership and the forum. Razor's alky kit is awesome for sure and I love mine.

First thing is finding out what you have. Any mods or is the car 100% stock?
Hey Eric, thanks for the reply. car is totally stock.The razor kit whos got how much and what else needs to go down with it? And is there a supplier you can get most things from for the mods? Thanks Kirk
There's no one source of all the parts you'll need to get a HA car fast.

These are a few vendors I've bought from

Full Throttle Speed

Casper Electronics
Caspers Electronics, Inc.

Poston Buick
Welcome to Poston Buick !

Turbo Tweak
TurboTweak Home

racetronix - index

You can take a look at this tread to give you an idea of what I've done to my car over the last three years. It wasn't a short, cheap or easy process.
Welcome to our world. The few of us left will gladly give you all the info you will need. The first question is how fast you want to go and how big is your wallet? You can go as fast as a low eleven car or stay stock at a 15.o quarter car. My goal is around a mid to low 12 quarter car and I will be there once I get my new chip. The vendors Esinger listed are all excellent. I would add Gbodyparts and Limit Engineering as well. There are others. All the parts to upgrade are available. The hardest part is an affordable larger downpipe. I spent a fortune on mine but Gbodyparts will have one by Xmas. The other big issue is a larger turbo. The only one available off the shelf is a TA33c. Bigger turbos than this need to be custom adapted to our intake. Some people use a V1 intake which helps.

Our cars are 100% computer controlled. The only manual adjustment(stock) is the IAC valve. In the beginning most mods are bolt on but in the end you will need a scan tool and upgrade to the 87 ECM and a custom chip. My signature will give you an idea as to what is needed.

Good luck. Let us know what your goals are and we will give you advice, location of parts, and a good idea as to cost. Brad
welcome. my first question is what are you looking to get out of the car 5 years from now?
hey guys thanks for the replies.As for five years from now can"t see me getting rid of any of my BUICKS! My son has the sickness just like his old man. It"s a good thing! He figures he"ll inherit them all, we"ll see.My stage2 4speed makes 416-481 atrw. mostly stock appearing. Thats how I like em. I like to show the ford,chev and mopar guys what the most overlookeed best built american car is made of! With that said It looks like Brads build is the way I"ll go with the exception I have a 4.1 block I"ll use. So Brad if you got your ears on what kind of $$$$ do you have into your mods roughly? Thanks Kirk.
If you copy Brad's build you will do well...:cool:

I see you're from Spokane,have a look in the northwest forum,we have a killer turbo race here in the northwest,"Turbo Thunder" you should start making plans for next year.It's a blast.:biggrin:

As for parts,have a look around in the parts for sale section,lots of good deals floating around.
Here is a list of my modifications and the cost and where I got it. All exclude labor. These prices are for new parts and not all of my modifications are required. The cost is really scary thing to digest and that is why I say that it is cheaper to buy an 84/85 than an 86/87 but the cost to make an 84/85 move is alot more expensive than an 86/87. I probably forgot a few things. Buying used parts can cut the cost down but I always believe you get what you pay for. Good Luck and welcome. Brad

Hooker 2 1/2 high flow exhaust with test pipe $359(Postons)
Poston headers $529
Custom built 2 1/2 downpipe-$850 (local exhaust shop). Gbodyparts will have a 3 inch by xmas for $350
Fbody radiator-$130(NAPA)
Ramcharger fans $115(Gbodyparts)
Electric fan conversion kit $60( Caspers)
Dual electric fan wiring harness-$70 (Caspers)
Mat sensor $20 (Caspers)
87 Ignition wiring conversion $80 (Caspers)
87 ignition adapter plate $30 (Caspers)
87 ECM $30 (junkyard)
87 Ols V8 radiator hold down plate $15(junkyard)
Mark Huffman cold air kit $80? (Mark Hueffman)
Ta33C turbo-$930 (Limited Engineering - you have to send them your core)
Ported throttlebody $80 (this board)
Ported and matched heads and intake $1600 (local Buick machinest)
Rebuild Trans,2800 stall converter and Trans Cooler $1600(Local specialist)
Powerlogger-$260 ( Fullthrottlespeed)
Wideband 02 sensor $250 (Fullthrottlespeed)
Turbotweak chip $85 (Turbotweak)
Razor Alky kit $500 (Razor)
3 Bar Map sensor $60 (Razor)
Scanmaster 2.1 $245 (Razor)
Knock Gauge $60 ( Caspers)
Boost, Temp and Tach gauges $120 (Postons)
87 MAF $75 (this board)
Adj fuel press reg-$114 (Poston)
Hot wire kit $80 (Racetronics)
Walbro 340 fuel pump $120 (Racetronics
NGK 6 sparkplugs $30 (?)
160 degree thermostat $15 (NAPA)
Oil Cooler $60 (Summit)
Oil Cap Breather $25? (Postons)
Front and rear frame brace kits $175 (Postons)
Mickey Thompson Steet Drag radials $328 (Just Tires)
87 Coil and Module $200 (GM)
42.5 injectors $274 (Postons)
Jamie thanks for the welcome and I"m totally impressed with your car,I know it came with alot of hard work and $$$$$.CONGRATS!!!As for the questions there"ll be plenty. I"m a total rookie when it comes to these cars, but I love to learn and can"t wait till I get in to mine! Brad you went totaly above and beyond with your list. It would have taken me forever the way I type. That was a huge help! Thanks again! Just goes to show ya buick folk ROCK!!!!!! Kirk.
Darn it-I forgot motor mounts- $220 (HRPARTSNSTUFF) These are a really great product-I mean your motor does not move at all with these. I believe you only need one side but I got both. They also make one for the trans but I did not get one. Take- Care- Brad