new motor


Oct 12, 2009
well i found out my engine had piston slap so i decided to rebuild......
looking to build a 700-800 hp engine.
any one have some tips.....rjc girdle is a must i know.
hearing bad news on stroker kits....
i would like some input on personal experince. :confused:
What kind of bad news have you heard on the strokers? Issues with quality of kits or what?

A good thing is you know what kind of HP you want, now you need to set a budget and work from there. What are you looking to spend on a short block or long block? You building it all yourself? You want someone like Dan at DLS to do it? Weber? What kind of heads you looking at? What kind of cam?

Depending on cost I would say RJC girdle, steel crank and rods, diamond or JE pistons, good ported heads TA or Champion, ported intake, roller cam setup from DLS or Full Throttle, maybe move up to a larger throttle body and upper plenum like the Accufab, etc.

You might list what you already have so folks can have a more educated stab at this. You have a Scanmaster, gauges, etc? Fuel pump and hotwire?
well its basically stock block. d/p ,exhaust, 36lbs inj, hot wire, front mount, and a unknown mm small frame turbonettics turbo. and ext waste gate.
transmission and rear were worked when i got the car.
i installed a 31/2 maf.and a scanmaster.... alky kit still in box with random guages, also have a MAF Translator from f.t.s, also not installed yet.
no budget set yet was going to start buying after the holiday season.
just wondering what i needed for the motor, and if i need any other tuners.
and whats a reliable turbo.
iv been told my heavy foot will blow a stroked motor, nothing bad about the kits, its me and my lead foot.
but this is a ford guy telling me so what do you guys know that i dont??
aside from machine work i will be building it myself.
Buy a stroker kit from a reputable vendor and have the machine work assembly done by someone who knows buick and you'll have no problems. Or better yet have one built by one of the vendors here already built.
well i want to build a 9 sec street and strip car... would 700-800 hp get me there??
i was looking @ cottons site hes not too far from me(NY). just gotta get a price.
other than the block..... what would be my main $$ concerns?? and what should i steer clear of?
and is the maf trans 2 a good enuf tuner?? or did i waste money again?
With that kind of power I would go with a FAST system for tuning. What part of Brooklyn are you from? Your looking at a $20k build
Are you trying to do this on pump gas and alky, or race fuel and alky?

Here is what I would build:
.020 over 109 with a Girdle or 3 steel main caps.
Forged Crank and Forged Rods with Diamond Pistons
Compression 9.0:1 minumum 9.3:1 max.
Heads would be Aluminum and race ported Champion Or TA
Copper SCE, Cometic, or RJC head gaskets.
Cam would be a 212/212 or 218/218 hyd roller kit from a vendor
Ported stock intake with RJC powerplate.
Stock ported throttle body and doghouse
JW flexplate/ SFI balancer
Head Studs would be a real good idea
Balanced and Assembled by a Turbo Buick professional
Turbo 70GTQ or HPQ or the 67GTQ/HPQ
Stainless headers too. Stockers crack too much
RJC large wastgate puck or Precision 46mm/38mm gate

Transmission-(flames will be sent my way for this but whatever!)
A TH400 or TH350 with a manual valvebody and transbrake.
Heavy duty sprag and a front pump modded by DonWG(400)
I dont know the stuff needed to build the killer 350s
Nice big external cooler too.
Converter choice is tough,
I think my next one will be Bradco or Ultimate Converter Concepts

Other stuff you will want to add...
Chrome Moly Driveshaft and Strange or Moser axles
Rebuilt posi or upgraded unit for the 8.5
Upgraded Studs and Fresh Brakes
Rear anti-roll bar.
28"slicks or Drag Radials
Intank Double Pumper and -8 feed stock feed is the new return(flip filter)

AEM wideband, 35-60 psi boost gauge, tach and shift light.
No XFI, BS3, DFI, or FAST unless you have a tuner that teaches you how to use it and is always available.
Most think they "need" the big ECU to go fast, you dont, but in the right hands it makes it easier.

If not stick to the stock ecm, Powerlogger and chips. I like Turbo Tweak stuff.
Build A 9.50 combo if you want to go 10.0-9.90s

Now add cage and stuff if you want but you didnt ask for that here lol!

Hope ths helps!!
Call Jack Cotton ASAP. He will treat you right!
wow thanks for the info guys.... heres my question. i gather the block will run a 6 to 7 k alone......without heads. i hope... can i build the block and slowly add all the other parts without hurting the block?? like doing up the block and leaving a smaller turbo, intake, for now... and adding it later on when i have the $$ for it?? like i know heads must be done asap. pockets r not deep. working a second job just to build the motor. its a slow process but im willing to put the $$ into is aslong as it will last.
and i want to run pump gas with alky.
and i dont see blow off valvs on turbo buicks.... is there any reason we dont use them?? i heard thay save ur turbo in the long haul?
Yes you can do that. I would do the trans at the same time as putting a new block in. 2-3k for a built trans.
Race Proven Engines...Donnie. Builds great motors! You cannot go worng with RPE. Just do a Google Search. He builds Jack Cotton's motors.