New setups for 2011 Let's here them


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Jan 2, 2007
Well whats new for 2011? Winter is here and the cars are asleep for awhile. Who's doing what?:biggrin: New for me so far.....
1) front mount intercooler
2) wideband
3) speed density chip
4) new wheels
5) all new turbo piping
6) PTC 9.5 converter
new carpet, new aluminum laminated dash kit, pypes race exhaust and a ck perfomance stage 2 with ptc converter. 2010 was a big year with stroker motor, bmr anti roll bar, ta rearend cover and lightning rod shifter spent too much keesh
1. Wideband
2. Fuel Pressure Transducer for the Powerlogger
3. G-Body Tubular Upper Control Arms
Waiting on time to get it all installed.
New stuff

1-62-62 Billet B-B:eek:
2-Turbo Tweak Chip:tongue:
3-Going to Ottos for Dyno runs and tune up:biggrin:
Ta Block
Ta Heads
Roller cam
Custom Headers
billet Turbo

O i must be dreaming :) i could wish right
New for me in 2011

1. METCO upper and lower control arms
2. ALKY kit
3. Headers
4. Body Bushings
5. Finish putting trim and emblems back on.
6. Maybe a new wheel/tire combo...

I just put in new heater core and installed a powerlogger.
rebuild motor,roller cam, rockers
alky kit
torque converter, shift kit
HRP upper lower rear control arms
9" rear
hopefully disk brakes
Hopefully wont need a stage II trans or itll be 2012.
-Hartline COP ignition
-AMS 1000 (thanks Stephan!)
-HR sway bar
-Lonnie Diers stage 3 200r4
-96# inj
-Afco double adj rear shocks
-18" trueforged wheels with the new Nitto NTO5r DR's 285/40, going for low 10's high 9's on 18" drags


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109 block that is not split

ported oringed heads

ferry dust

4 leaf clover

Budah Prayer

I think that is all
Engine rebuild.

I can't wait to drive my car again after almost 2 years....and the wait is killing me even more now that the weather is "turbo friendly" cool.
HR Rear Sway Bar
Dennys 3.5 Driveshaft
Vaccum Brake setup
Front seat covers
Paint if I'm lucky :redface:
Much needed bodywork, new dropped suspension, tires and wheels. Coming out with a whole new look for 2011


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