New setups for 2011 Let's here them

For my Red T I got a few upgrades. I upgraded the turbo, downpipe, intercooler, TB and plenum. Should be easy 10's now.

old combo: CPT61 BB, CAS V4 IC, stock TB/plenum, THDP
new combo: CPT66 BB, Cottons FMIC, 70mm TB/plenum, Cottons DP with external wastegate
My plan is to not melt anything this year.
add ons

ta headers,(so sick of repairing and pulling of cracked stockers),bigger fuel pump and bigger alky nozzle(because the billet 64/strim tnetics on this rpe motor tells me so);)
A bit of rust work in the spring followed by some paint touch ups and a wicked clear coat. Then:

Razors Alky
60lb injector/TT 94/alky chip
FP gauge
FP regulator
Boost regulator

And selling my blood and bone marrow to pay for it all... :)
Well I started the build this year, but it will be finished and I will pick it up in the first week of 2011. It was in a barn, so it got:

New paint
New carpet
New headliner/sunvisors
New tires for the t-rims
New rims and tires GTA style
New posi rear/H&R supersway and upper and lowers
All new front end bushings and suspension parts
New fuel pump
Undercarriage/engine compt painted
Rebuild trans/New 3200 stall convertor
Motor rebuilt with new cam and arp goodies
PTC slic
Precison 6262 ceramic ball bearing turbo
TA performance headers
TH down pipe
Braided turbo lines
Champion heads and intake
Razors alchy injecton with new chip
Ported throtle body
Engine and all brackets powder coated and painted
New magnaflow exhaust
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Jeff has had his car in training (on jack stands) for a long time! :wink:
New set up

Had to get another car lost my on the trailer even before i got to the track.


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36" 3/4 drive breaker bar to torque my solid diamond 30 bolt cylinder heads to 400 ft/lbs.
If I could save up enough cash. I would like to consult with Otto's to have him look over my car to see what needs done. Engine, Drivetrain and suspension. As far as combo. Not sure yet. Will see what Otto will recommend. Also the budget I will have.
-Doing what this guy just did ^^^
-Doing a resto-mod on my 84

I started yesterday with pulling the rear end. Should be cleaned, painted, fitted with new lines, new bushings, and ready to attach to maybe new upper and lower control arms. We will see how much farther I get this winter.
- Finally putting in the Dutt neck intercooler
- Installing boxed Upper and Lower control arms
- Re-working my GNX style dash (Yanking the VDO Cockpits and putting in VDO vision)
- Finally installing all the powder coated goodies I've aqcuired (Valve covers, Plenum, Brackets and Diff cover.
- Repainting rear, sway bar and tank.

ALKY in the spring! (I know where my tax return is being spent!)
I will hopefully have my car turn key in 2011. Here's what I have to do....

assemble long block and install(weld motor mounts), hook everything up, purchase Caspers harness, run fuel lines and turn key!