Nissan Titan


Copperas Cove, TX
May 25, 2001
I was wondering if any board members here have one and what are your thoughts are on it. I'm pretty much resolved to getting one when I get back from Iraq and wanted some input. I went to Nissan's website and priced it together like I want with only three options added to the SE package and it came out to $27,800...I thought that was pretty nice, considering I just read a comparision in Motor Trend and they all seemed to like the truck. Still not sure if I'm gonna get a 4x4 or not, I don't plan on living in the South all of my life...that's about the only decision I need to make. Thanks all......

SGT(P) John Chapman
I checked them out at the local dealership. Nice trucks. Great power and Nissan reliability/dependability. If it was in the budget right now this is what I would buy to tow my other cars to the track and/or shows.