No start condition


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Thought I would throw this out there and get some ideas before I started the game of replacing parts first and thinking things thru second. Last month when temps were around 100 I had two episodes where my GN wouldn't start - no response at all from the solenoid. After further cooling down time everything self corrected. Well today with temps in the 70s it happened again. I am 99 and 44/100ths certain my alternator and battery are not the problem. Cables and starter/solenoid are original as is the ignition switch. Any opinions on the most likely source of the problem? All thoughts are appreciated.

I had an NA Regal that did that. Turned out being the ignition switch mounted down the steering column. May be your problem ... then, maybe not. ;)
It's easy to test.A test light at the purple wire, the small one, on the starter will let you know.Not many ignition switches fail, but that IS possible. More likely, it is the starter.
The heat kills the starter/solenoid. Change them out and you will be fine. Maybe get the mini starter while you are it.


Much thanks to those who replied with ideas. I will report back when I confirm that I identified (and fixed) the problem.