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May 24, 2001
I could put this in the lounge, but its more of a local thing.

The local news people are running a poll to see which high school football game should be "game of the week".

This week is homecoming at my kids's school, so in my opinion it is the one that should win. :)


how about "everyone" go and vote

The page is

the one to vote for is Walled Lake Northern @ White Lake Lakeland (Lakeland is my kid's school)

The poll closes today, so if you're going to vote, go do it now. You can vote once per hour. I think we are ahead at the moment, but the other schools are certainly "getting out the vote".

Thanks guys!!!!

There's some Buick content........ thanks.

Discount? Sure! might just be a dollar or two.... :)

Thanks guys!

yeah, but the vote count of the second place school is starting to move, and that school is really big......

Thanks guys, check out the thread in the lounge. 25.00 discount on TR6's if we win the poll!!!

down 52 now:( , I voted once on my work computer and once on my phone, will have to try my two computers at home when I get there.
If you wait a little bit, about an hour or so, it will let you vote again using the same computer...

Voted again two minutes ago...
its minute-by-minute. If you are reading this and haven't voted, get to it.....

thanks for all the support.