NOS Stage II Heads - 3 of them


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Feb 4, 2005
I've got three brand new Stage II heads (bare castings, not complete heads) cluttering up my shop. Why 3? Well, they came in a big GM surplus load out of Detroit - and I suspect that the 4th head is on a Carribean vacation along with my sock that dissappeared somewhere between the washer and dryer. But I digress.

I'll likely never use them, and perhaps someone could put them to good use.

No idea what they are worth, but I do know enough to recognize a price pitch that's "low and away"

PM me for details. Click picture link below
Last set I had went to 1 of the TSO racers....For free!
They were like the 3 you have: There, but no real purpose in life.
I think what Chuck may be getting at is that there are many many sets of Stage II heads floating around from ex-racing venues like ASA, Busch, ARCA, IMSA and so on that have titanium valves fully ported with all the goodies for $1k or less. Taking a bare set and starting from scratch would be a very costly adventure however I do think they are worth a few bucks. It wouldn't surprise me if Mike Booher bought them to add to his collection.


Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I've seen a lot of Stage II heads floating around, but most I've seen were well used, with lots of previous welds and other repairs.

I was hoping that the brand new, virgin condition of these would be attractive to someone. Or, I could use them for pretty pencil and pen holders on my desk....