Not the gn but still funny

87GN 98GTP

May 29, 2008
So I'm in Wisconsin and it snows. Well the other day I'm driving the daily Subaru awd well this ricer Mazda I think 6 starts reving the motor, it's snowing and like 6 inches have fallen, I'm thinking to myself wtf are you thinking. 1st I'm thinking do u even know if its turbo and 2 ill blow your doors off with awd just driving normal. He guns it I see his tires just spinning going no where I drive normal and wave out the window about a block ahead lol. Gets behind me and brights me and turns. Btw my Subaru is bone stock no rims or anything all from factory limited version. I wish it was dry had the gn but I didn't even need to. This is why ricers don't get much respect