Now faster service from HRpartsNstuff !!!


May 27, 2001
Been a while since I had time to post on here (in any forum), been working too hard. I just wanted to update everyone on what's new at HRpartsNstuff these days:

We hired our first FULL TIME employee just over 3 months ago to help with production & the events. His name is Allan Hall (or Big Al as we know him). Some may have met him at the GS CA Nat's and/or the BPG/HP nats in Columbus this year. After continually growing & using a LOT of part time help & out-sourcing some of the smaller easy stuff, it was way over due. We still have Dave England answering the phones & taking orders and giving tech help too.

The added help in production/assembly/packaging/shipping allowed us to get caught up with back-orders just before the Nat's this year. That was the 1st time we were completely caught up since we have been in business, and it was a BIG month for us too! We got bogged down again with the sales from the Nat's for stuff we didn't have with us (which is normal for us), and just got caught up again this week.

In the past year or so before Al was hired on, we were usually anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months behind on stuff, with the average being about 6 weeks most of the time. Over the last 3 months, we have been averaging more like 3-4 weeks behind on new orders. Currently we are anywhere between a few days to 3 weeks out on stuff depending on what it is. Even though no one likes to wait for parts, that's a LOT better than we used to be trying to do most everything by myself.

We also built a new shop here, a 40x60x16 with the ability to put in a 2nd floor. We used it as temp shelter to work out of the last 6 months or so, concentrating our efforts on production. In the last month or so, we cleaned it all out & are almost finished putting an epoxy/urethane floor coating on it. Figured it would be about impossible to do later once all setup & running, and got a good deal on the materials. Still got wiring, insulating, interior walls, and get things setup & running to go, but things are moving along nicely now. Hope to have all that done & in place by years end as well.

Got a BRAND NEW website coming soon too! Been in the works for almost 2 years now, can't believe how long it takes when doing a little bit on a lot of different projects. It will have lots of tech, pictures, feedback, info, links, etc, etc, etc. Might launch it before the shopping cart & all the online ordering stuff is ready, but that won't be too far behind either. I should have more time this fall to get all that done finally. The current site hasn't been updated for quite some time now, which is part of the reason for this post.

All that should allow better & better customer service every month, until we can finally have some qty of every item in stock to ship same day. We are looking at actually having most everything in stock & ready to ship by the end of the year. That's the main goal. Our only complaint we hear has to do with the wait on the parts. That should be handled by the end of the year & hopefully stay that way even as we continue to grow.

PS- Big Block Motor mounts & our Ultimate PRO RACE (rod-end style) suspension projects should be into production by years end or early spring at the latest. Got many more new ideas coming as well! Feels good to finally get time to put into all the projects that I have going on here. Will keep the new site updated with progress on all this once it goes live. Looking for a solid '67 GS project car (no driveline preferred) too in case anyone knows of one sitting around. Need a bigger billboard to advertise with :)
wow great to here that your getting caught up. it sucks being stuck behind and not able to catch up. well best of luck with everything and maybe i will be able to order that anti-roll system in the near future. O also i have had your motor mounts since day one i think i ordered them the second week you had them on the market and let me tell you i still love them and there still running strong to this day, thanks again for all your hard work and dedication paul it means alot.
Thank You Paul & Dave for your great products. ;)
Keep up the great work!!! Great to finnally meet you guys out in BG.
Great news Paul! Always nice to have a vendor on top of things, letting the community know, and doing updates! Now all you need to do is have a sale on those rear sway bars! :biggrin: :biggrin: