OEM GM Radio with CD and Ipod interface

Agreed, Craig is the guy to go to. I ordered a top of the line EQ CD radio back in January with Aux jack wired on a long lead. The lead comes out the back and is tucked under the center console and I access it from between my seat and the console so I can tuck it out of site. It has been working great and his customer service is excellent.

It looks very factory and is really the only great option if you have to have an aux input and be stock appearing, which I really like. Plus I now have a CD player. This unit looks totally at home in a GN, even the green glow matches perfectly.

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I loved this kind of setup if you want the stock look. I just pulled my above setup out last week as I needed even more power. But, if you love the stock look, want CDs, an audio input connection (ipod, android, etc.), and can live with non-monster power, then this is a great way to go.

Mine is still in perfect working order. When I got it the entire unit was gone through, the internal amp is upgraded, and the audio input is installed.

I paid $295 +shipping. I will do $225 +shipping if interested.

Click the yellow above links to see how it looked in the car. I liked having the audio input run on a longer lead and then comes up between the driver's seat and console. I felt it was easier to keep away from prying eyes that way. No wire tapping needed as the stock harness interface is included.


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I purchased this same GM radio unit with EQ from ccc87gn@yahoo.com with mp3 player / Ipod jack about six months ago to date no problems radio works perfectly fine. Just a FYI..
Tony N,

Yep, that is where I got this one from. He does great work. Not cheap though...$295 for a new one plus shipping.
AZMotorgod -Im interested in your Radio for $225 + shipping. Can you give shipping quote to 60067 -Palatine, IL should fit in USPS Flat rate box? You take paypal?
I have mine now for a year and a half and it is awesome.

AZMotorgod-that is a great price.

Yeah, now that I think of it maybe it was $395...oh well.

I have received several requests for the radio. I think it is sold but if it does not work out with the first responder (they know who they are) then I will let the next person know.
I also have the AC Delco CD Player (part # 16085434) with wiring harness adapters and Kirban's Power Antenna saver kit.

Recently it started skipping. After reading this thread I contacted Craig Kettner (ccc87gn@yahoo.com) and I'm shipping it there to get repaired and modified. Thanks for sharing the information.


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