Offtopic: 91 Olds won't start

Slow91z Helper
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Aug 7, 2003
I don't know what to with it, this is my bosses car and he asked for my help.

91 Olds Cutlass Ciera 2.5 4-tech 5-speed, well taken care of.

Has fuel, Has spark (does not mean it has strong spark, but it definitely has at least a weak spark), sounds like it has compression (in a parking lot with no compression tester).

R2 the coil pack, ign. module, crank sensor (cracked)...fairly new plugs n wires, faily new ECM.

He was driving along and it died, now it won't start...cranks but it won't even sputter for me.

I unplugged all the remaining sensors one at a time and it made no difference.

Thanks for any help.