Ohhhh, Bruces bad boy went in today


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Jul 22, 2001
It is wonderful!!!!!!!. :cool: That second gear shift basically hits the tires so hard the Drag Radials just give up and try and be the front tires. :D :D I may have to have you tune the converter a bit as it feels a bit tight, I will know better once I do a few runs down the strip and datalog them. Very minor though, it is just so much different/better than my old one.

Everything went in just fine, the fittings all fit great and I really appreciate your super service. I will email you with just a couple of general questions on hooking up the lockup and such but I promised you over the phone I would post the results.

Just wonder what the other tranny company will say when I send back their 7 month old unit in a PST box for waranty.;)
Isn't it great when you get something from someone who knows what they're doing?! :D