Oil cooler ?


Apr 19, 2002
How important are these? I have a hotair and do not have one.

I plan on buying an Autozone F-Body radiator and putting a trans cooler on at the same time. Should I do an oil cooler as well, and if so how would I do it?

thank, Steve

Its a good idea to cool both, If you get any coolers make sure they are the stacked plate design that say B&M sells.
The reason for this is the old school elbow type coolers are restrictive and do not flow as good.

For the oil cooler you can get an 86/87 oil cooler adapter, and use that with barb type fittings & run hose to an aftermarket oil cooler with the barb type fittings, or you can get an 86/87 Radiator w/oil & trans cooler then you would just have to connect the factory oil cooler lines to the rad & adapter. I would also add a aftermarket Trans. cooler in front of the Radiator along with the stock trans cooler in the Radiator. ATR sells a nice one, I have it on both my cars comes with everything needed to install, I think its like $45.00

Click here for trans cooler info installation info

If you want to go the 86/87 route, I have a good stock 86/87 Radiator w/trans & oil cooler and I have a set of good oil cooler lines Let me know if your intrested in them we can work something out. You would just need the oil filter adapter (BWEAVY) & the $3.00 O-ring available from the buick dealer, I can get the part # for you.

Weavy should have trans cooler lines too..................Ed
Hope this helps ;)

Thanks for the help. I was planning on getting a F-Body Radiator from Autozone and a dual fan setup and just add on the trans cooler, and an oil cooler if neccessary. Your radiator sounds good tho, I'm always up for saving some money ;)

I been researching this tho and most people say the oil cooler is not a huge deal. But if I can get all the parts from you and brian and it would be a good deal cheaper than the new f-body one then maybe Ill got hat route. We'll talk about it on Sunday, you're going right?
I did the f-body radiator with aftermarket tranny & oil coolers. They are super easy to install and for me was a no brainer to use over the stock design. Something about using hot fluid to cool off hot fluids never really made sense to me. I mounted the coolers right out in front of the radiator and I have NO overheating issues. Use the dual ramcharger fan setup...you won't be dissapointed.
Steve, as of right now I am not going to the meet Sunday. I have to work on this car to get it done my March and I need every day I can get to make that happen. Call me later tonight or during the week after I get off work anytime after 6pm is good & we can talk about it if you would like. It would definatly be cheaper then a new Radiator. I will be at my shop all weekend, if you want to come by Sat & see the Radiator call me & let me know. The shops in Collingdale........(610) 306-1623 Late, Ed;)