oil pressure suddenly dropped

T- Type Tim

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Jul 8, 2001
Dropped to almost 5 psi at Idle and only 20psi cruising. Before , 40 psi cruising and 15 at idle. I can't hear any bottom end knock.

I have a mechanical auto meter oil pressure gauge read off the turbo and a warning light with a 30 psi sender off the oil pump. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

thanks ,

Check your cam sensor. The pin can brake and allow pressure to build for awhile but may eventually give no oil pressure. Easy to check.

Kev :)
I'd say don't drive the car until you drop the pan and inspect the bearings. This is a warning that one or more of your bearings is either excessively worn, coming apart, or possible broken main cap. If you fix it now by finding the problem, you can put off a total rebuild unless you feel you'd like to rebuild your motor now.
I was thinking the same about looking at the bearings, car only has about 500 miles on it since a complete rebuild.

What about the oil pump spring?