Ok everybody let's start a pic post thread for the W-Bodies!

Did the Lumina come with L67?
Mine came with a 3.1. I used an engine harness from a 98-99 z34 monte or ltz lumina. I had to make a custom axle for passenger side because the HD trans never came in them cars, custom ac line, custom 3" downpipe which was a challenge, the engine is very tight to firewall in these cars compared with regal and GP. I had to get creative with the airbox, I chopped the front snorkel piece off and used a silicone elbow attached to an oval stainless tube that fits in the hole behind headlight. there a zero clean w body cars in my area. they are still quite plentiful in junkyards though.
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If you get really interested in buying one for stock or modified use, just plan to shop in the south. They tend to have basic sun-baked wear (clear coat, weather-stripping, dashboard, etc.), but you'll have a much better choice for no deep rust issues that are the only thing that can't be repaired/replaced/upgraded on them.

I still miss my 1998 Daytona 500 Pace Car Edition GTP that I drove in NY, MN, MI, OH, WI for 10-12yrs, and had to send to the yard due to all the winter miles as my only vehicle.
Ya, it was the car I learned/taught myself how to really get the most out of every minor upgrade I could barely afford in my 20's. Made some solid power for no intercooler, stock heads, stock transmission, and many custom/cheap/free junkyard upgrades... street trim 12.7 @ 111 at Norwalk in 2006, and 333whp/329wtq on unleaded Sunoco 100 or 104. Loved that car, and can't bring myself to buy another one, because it wouldn't be the same.

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Picture of my 99 LS is gone.
So is the LS.
This is my new DD '97 GS.
Just installed ZZP adjustable coilovers.
Has GMPP front swaybar, ZZP 2-1/2" SS downpipe, 12" F-body front brakes, 245/50-17 Continental Extreme Contact DWS's, F&R strut tower braces with Don Rome brackets.


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I still have my H body L67 swapped LeSabre T-Type. Bought it in 2010 and swapped over a complete Bonneville SSEi drivetrain. Has GN badges just because I can. :)


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