one twenty nine nine (wheelie video)


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May 25, 2001
Well I can't complain thats for sure. My goal was to kick off some low 1.4 60' times and now I got a 1.299. Its very hard to tell but the front tires landed right at the 60' marker so the beam might have been tripped by the V4R intercooler scoop. Comparing my 330' times to a legit 1.34 60' time shows that I should be .042 faster on this pass so it might really be a 1.299. Another thing you cant really see from this angle is the car came back up after it landed.

Thanks to Lonnie Dyers for a killer 200-4r. I like transbrakes!

ps. my car gets street raced heavily so I cant post et info but I can tell you that the suspension is typical: ATR bar, UMI lowers and adj uppers and a right rear air bag. I did drop the instant center by lowering the car and played with pinion angle too. It is also a VERY VERY mild iron headed 234" motor with a little 212 camshaft that runs outta power at the 1/8th mile. You can hear me click 3rd gear before the 330'. Lets just say the top half of the track is BOOOOOORING.....
WOW you really got that suspension working!!! :eek: Awesome job!

BTW, How much boost are you launching with off the T-brake??
It doest look like a 1.29 to me but post your time slip maybe we can make figure it out .I know when we ran 1.31 it was like 3.87 at the 330 and 5.97 at the 1/8 you car looks like it can improve if you fix some of the flex leaving the line .
laz said:
you car looks like it can improve if you fix some of the flex leaving the line .

Maybe if he got rid of the ATR bar/air bag in favor of an HR or Wolfe rear bar??

Would be cool to see the before and after results on a car like this!!!
Hard to tell from the video, but it doesn't look like he has a roll bar either. That would make all the difference in rigidity.
On my car after the bar install, if I try to jack up the front end from right behind the front tire the rear comes up with the front. :eek:
Laz- when I get home Ill pm you the slip. I know my 1/8th on that pass and Im far off from you. The car is a 60' monster but doesn't perform down the track like you would think. I guess a stock throttle body/plenum, stock location intercooler and small cam is part of the reason.

Scott- 10.5lbs seemed to work best. 28x10 tire on a 10" rim.

86Brick- I planned on putting the HR bar on this winter.

And yes it NEEDS a cage....
I don't know how you guys run that low of pressure. If I go below 12-13, the car is practically undriveable past the 330 mark. Any tips??
I looked like a low 1.4-60ft but that is just speculation. I slowed the vid down and I would agree with you that the 60-ft beam was most likely tripped by the intercooler scoop. Anyway you cut it though the car looks great - Congrats !!!

Jim C.
SPOT MY 6 said:
86Brick- I planned on putting the HR bar on this winter.

Cool, Hopefully you get some video of it like this so we can see the before and after :)
twin 93 svt said:
With times like that, there is no reason not to sit with my car come spring.
No reason you shouldn't be faster - you got better parts. But if you sit like I do Ill try you on central ave for a g!

As far as et that was an 11.50 pass. Since I dont have a cage I didn't want to hit that 11.49 marker :D

BTW - My d/s 1/4 panel now has 2 nice creases in it from twisting up so bad: Twisted pic
When were you at us41. Nice looking car. BTW did you hear something about the re-opening of old US30 in indiana?
After looking at your "twisted" pic, I can't tell if you're adjusting the radio station or checking your shorts! WOW. :eek: