Original Trans Modifications - TH200R4

Adam G

New Member
Dec 31, 2013
What was done to the TH200R4 transmission from the factory back in '87? As I recall, when I picked up my new GN, the car shifted very firm from both 1-2 and 2-3. I can even remember it chirping the tires during the 2-3 shift under hard acceleration.

I do remember that over time, and some hard use, the transmission stopped shifting as firm, would not chirp the tires any longer, and almost seemed to just smoothly shift between gears, with no noticeable feel for the gear change. I assumed this was not a good thing.

What was causing this? Perhaps a varnish build up from heat?
Just sounds like normal wear on the trans. How many miles on the transmission? The 1987 BRF transmission had a larger intermediate servo (second gear) with a different calibrated valve body with a "X" separator plate and a different governor. There were some other minor changes that affected shift calibration and feel including pump pressure.