Overdoing it on a 200-4r?


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I have a 200-4r in my '71 Skylark, 464ci that was built by a reputable 200-4r builder.

The OD is nice, but with my rather heavy right foot, the 597HP/568TQ big block buick seems to be taking its toll on the transmission. It's to the point where I believe the trans could probably stand to be freshened. It has about 7000 miles behind a stock Buick 350, then about 3000 street miles in it's current configuration, with about 10 1/4 mile passes.

The car weighs 4150 lbs with me in it, and plenty of times when I'm abusing it on the street I will have several friends along pushing the weight easily over 4500 lbs.

I'm thinking of going to a TH400 instead. I find myself driving the 200-4r in "D" alot anyways, with the big nasty cam in my BBB, if the engine RPM's are below the 2000-2200 range and I have the converter locked, it wants to buck and jerk around.

Any input is appreciated!!

Thanks guys!
Talk to Chris at CK if you want ot retain Overdrive, He is running a ford aod, And i believe it is way stronger than the 2004r. But you best talk to him directly
a 2004r should work good in your vehicle,but there is also some other interesting choices that guarantee no more burnt bands.the aod is much more reliable than the 2004r but at your level our stage 2 2004r will provide better performance verses what you have now.correct hydraulic calibration is the answer to fixing clutch and band application problems that stretch the skin of a 2004r when bolted behind a powerful engine.e4340 input shaft ,forward drum, rollerized internals ,and a host of other mechanical upgrades furnish durability at hi power levels.thanks for pointing him in the right direction otto.
Chris m ybuddy frank will be calling you for one of the 400 transbrakes we talked about,I building his trans in a few weeks.
I still wont be doing mine for a month or so, Trying to get my motor done now.
Thanks Otto
My 200-4r is loaded with all of the latest billet goodies, I think my problem is just a worn band or clutches.

I'm just looking for a trans that I can thrash behind a nasty big block, and will stand up to it without having to be taken apart and "freshened" every 5k miles. I want 100,000 mile reliability with no maintenance other than fluid and filter changes.

I figured TH400 was the only way to get this for a reasonable price... Even with the loss of OD and the loss of gas milage that goes with it, I would still have to drive over 50,000 miles to make up the difference with OD.