Pat thanks 4 your help

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Jan 12, 2005
I just wanted to publicly thank my Friend Patrick Hall for all his help he has provided on our TSM car.

I hope you wife doesn’t kill you when you get home today. I think she understands by now that when you tell her you a meeting up with me, and will only be gone a few hours she knows you are lying. At least that is what I am hoping.

Any way thanks for helping me at the dyno today. I really did think we were only gonna be there for a few hours. Time sure does fly when we are messing with this car doesn’t it.

I hope you continue to devote your time in helping me with this project. Needless to say I am glad I have you on my team!!

Sam, it was a BLAST. I cannot believe that little "70" made all that power!!!

Must be all the TSM secrets, eh?

I heard a rumor that someone was flying into Cincy in a few weeks to set a certain record. You coming?