Picking a Good 200R4 Core?



Hello. I have been doing THM400s and 350s and 700R4s for quite a while but have never done a 200R-4. With those GM trannys I do, I usually pick any core up and rebuild it. If they were set up for wuss motors originally (fewer clutches or weak VB setup) I could just upgrade it easily. However, in reading some posts here, I am under the impression that wimpy cores will remain wimpy cores, unless the VB and governor are completely swapped out. Is it possible to find just any old 200R4 core and upgrade with a shift kit and modifications the governor? Or do I absolutley need to find a Hi-Perf core?
I rebuilt my spare 2004r from a $50 junkyard core. I swapped the valvebody, 2nd gear servo,forward drum and governor for better pieces. If you rebuild the pump properly,(see "strenghtening the 2004r") you should have a strong trans. To the best of my knowledge, a regular valvebody with a shift kit is NOT the equal of a BRF valve body, and you will need a GN governor, you can't modify a regular one. I guess my point is that you can build a good trans from any core, you just need the correct internals. The cases, pumps, center supports, forward drum, direct drum (use a hardened one) will all interchange, Its the valvebody, servo, and governor that sets them apart. I hope this helps.I'm not an expert though so maybe the main dudes ,WE4 and MeanBuicks will chime in:D