Pics Of New Syclone


May 17, 2010


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Original paint on the truck and the cladding is not painted, it does look a little dark in the pics. though.
It has a upgraded IC pump with the soft IC lines with the pump mod to the ignition switch. Has the egr delete plate, taylor thundervolt plug wires,cold air intake and you can really hear the turbo good thru it. No sure on the chip, I need to pull the panel and look at it.
Drivetrain is really good with little play in the shafts. Boost pegs the stock turbo gage out with no problem.
It has a Ac Delco Cd player installed.

Not sure what the underdash switch is for. I thought it might be for the IC pump, but it don't turn the pump off.
WOW..... very very clean truck. Looks like it just came off the showroom floor!!! I have never ridden in a Syclone, but I'm sure it's a fun as it get. Next time I go see Mickey Mouse, maybe I'll hit you up for a ride!!! LOL Good luck with her!!!
The SY even has the hard to find and original AC RC36 radiator cap.


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The toggle switch may very well have been to turn the IC pump on. On a stock chip truck you would need it to activate the pump as needed. Someone may have upgraded the chip- most newer chips turn on the IC pump automatically. The chip could have been replaced after the switch was installed. Where abouts are you located?
Josh, IC pump is hot wired with yellow wire to ground. It has stock chip, checked last week. So switch must have been put on sometime ago. I did change plugs a few weeks ago. Runs great with no issues. I am in Jacksonville Fl. but from Pigeon Forge Tn.

Pic shows wire coming out of IC relay grounded to firewall.
It's a nice looking truck! I know a couple of guys on said they seen one or two for ale several months ago in Pigeon Forge. I bought one several years ago from Shaun/ TBone on, he's from Clarksville. I wish GN's had equal traction. I may have looked over it but how many miles does she have?
Nice Sy and TTA, quick question how would you rate the truck in drivability and performance compared to our Buick 6? Also have you ever had a Turbo Regal? I would like the comparison for the Regal vs the Sy. Always wanted one but just felt it would never be as comfortable as a Turbo Regal. Thinking about getting one.