Ping after upgrade!

Tampa T-Type

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Just added 50 lb injectors, Lt-1 , translator, 340 fuel pump and hot wire. The chip was burned for 98 or Alki. Car runs great all scanmaster info correct. At 1/2 T it pings like hell, pegged the knock sensor Scan-M showed 07. Is this chip wrong for my hot air. I have a Cheeta 62, Spearco, headers ect ect.
I was told this chip ran on 93 ok. I am adding Alki should I leave this alone or get another chip. I put my old chip in that had a stock maf would hardly run
Feedback please.
wait a minute .... you HAVE a 98 Oct. ALky chip in the car and you are running Without ALKY :confused: if this is your case .... i think you answered your own question.... layoff the throttle or turn your boost way down until you get your Alcohol injection installed and working or you will be asking for presents from the headgasket fairy for christmas ;)
When you run a chip you are not POSITIVE what injectors it's for, or what octane and timing it's at are asking for a KA-BOOM. Like Royal T stated, better turn down the boost for now or add HG's to your X-mas wish list and if you continue to hammer it.....a rebuilt engine.