Plastic Washers

Big Dawg

Aug 2, 2020
It sounds like you might be looking for the seals. Here is the kit
You want to use the green and yellow(gold) ones and the smaller line extension on the high side (where the green goes). Dip them in some pag oil to help them seal. Torque the bolt to 25 ft.lbs to seat them. This worked for me.
I know this is thread is a couple of years old, but I hope someone can chime in. I am just wondering if using the bigger line extension on the high side would still work as intended? Plus is it necessary to put oil on the seals? I put oil on all the o-rings that were replaced, but I did not put any on the seals as they just went on the ac line end with no wiggling of any sort. They just get squished/crushed in place with the bolt when torque 25ftlbs.

Thanks guys
If I recall correctly, I believe I used mineral oil. We had some here, I certainly wouldn't go buy any for the drop you might need.