Power Logger Connection Issue/scanmaster G


Sep 30, 2013
Hey guys I just downloaded the new software 2.6 from Bob's website for the Scanmaster G. I also updated to a Windows 7 laptop and followed the MProg instructions to update the power logger and can't get it to connect. Now my laptop won't connect to the PL at all. When i hit F8, it just beeps and doesn't connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Not the best with computers, sorry!
was the MProg process successful? Are you seeing a port in Device Manager?

PLC 2.6 is written for the new PL software that works with the gauge. So you need to flash the PL up to level 5.0 or 5.1

since you are running an SD2, be sure you save your tune before updating the PL.
No the MProg was not successful. When I hit the magnifying class and then the Lightning, it pops up with some sort of "no update" or failure message. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong
for now, switch back to the old version of PLC and make sure the PL is still communicating,

I don't want to goof up your tune with the conversion process, so we need to go one step at a time.

If I grab my old laptop that has XP on it and PL 2.5.2, it connects and communicates normally. Ideally I'd like to use this XP laptop with the 2.6 rather than my Win 7.

in order to communicate with 2.6, the PL needs to be reflashed, and this will reset your tune.

Do everything from the XP machine, and once its all working on the new versions, move to the new laptop if you want.

using 2.5.2 connect and download/save your tune. Also make note of your BLM cell settings, as these are not saved in the tune

do this 2 or 3 times using different filenames, as many of us have accidentally "saved over" tunes , best to have extra copies.

then reflash the PL to version 5.1 its PL051.s19, use the F1 page in PLC to do this

now you can run version 2.6 , rename the old PLC to PLC-OLD, in case you need it for something, and copy the new PLC to your folder.

run the new PLC, and upload your tune.

reset your BLM table, and you should be good to go.
Bob, thanks so much for the help. I will do it this afternoon just as you said and let you know what happens from there. I appreciate it very much!