PowerLogger not reading AFR, #3


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Just put my wideband in the car, no reading in PL, showing 0.0002V in setup screen, should be 0-5V or ~2.3@ idle. Tested voltage at the input board and it's there. I can swap out the USB to PC....anyone have PL drop a channel before? Bad cable or input board? Is the cable to the input board something special? Where would I get one? I'll try USB to PC first....I have extras. Thank you
USB change didn't work, must be the ECM to I/O board cable...like a 7 pin both ends...?? Anyone know where I can find one? Going to run continuity on pins....
Hmmm. Cable beeps out. Could it be the I/O board connector or ....eeeeK the PL board/connector??!! Bob?